DJI Osmo Mobile 6 mobile phone stabilizer released

The DJI Osmo Mobile 6 mobile phone stabilizer was released, priced at 999 yuan. According to reports, as a mobile phone shooting companion, Osmo Mobile 6 has been continuously optimized in terms of body design and intelligent functions compared with the previous generation, bringing users a better and easier shooting experience. Continuing the previous generation's foldable body, magnetic quick release design, and simple and efficient button interaction, the new quick start function shortens the shooting preparation time by three times, and the wonderful moments are not to be missed. 

At the same time, Osmo Mobile 6 inherits DJI's excellent three-axis gimbal stabilization technology and is upgraded again with Smart Follow 5.0. The shooting guidance further reduces the user's shooting threshold, enabling low-angle shooting, fast-moving objects, one-person vlog shooting, and trajectory shooting. For scenes that cannot be shot by mobile phones alone, such as time-lapse, there are also a variety of editing templates and one-click filming functions.

In terms of design, Osmo Mobile 6 inherits the lightweight and foldable appearance of the previous generation, and a more user-friendly design makes shooting easy to use. The new quick start function saves more preparations before shooting. The gimbal is turned on when it is unfolded, and the DJI Mimo App can automatically pop up after connecting to the phone. The newly added side dial brings a comfortable control experience, and the focus and zoom can be switched freely. With the built-in extension rod, it can easily complete shooting in more angles and scenes, and the composition is flexible.

In addition, the appearance of the Osmo Mobile 6 has been completely upgraded. The dark rock gray color scheme highlights the advanced level. A new status display panel is added to the fuselage. It is convenient to check the battery level, system indicator status, and the current gimbal mode during use. With the M button, the gimbal can be quickly switched. There are four pan/tilt modes of following, tilt lock, FPV, and rotation shooting to meet the needs of mirror movement in different scenes and different angles.

In terms of software, the performance of Intelligent Follow 5.0 has been fully upgraded, following more stable and farther, and can accurately identify the target during the movement of the subject, and can also capture scenes such as side faces, turning back, and back images, whether dancing, outdoor sports or going out. In scenes such as travel, the protagonist is always in the C position.

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