E-Liango pre-sold Apple iPhone 14 / Pro rolls and ran away

Some netizens broke the news that a WeChat applet named "Easy Liangou" has run away with tens of millions of dollars after two months of pre-sale of Apple's iPhone 14 series. According to Henan TV's "Xiao Li Help" report, some consumers grabbed 11 iPhone 14 series and 4 iPhone 13 series on a platform called Yiliangou online mall, paying a total of 158,000 yuan for the goods, but when he Subsequent attempts to contact the customer to inquire about the condition of the item were unsuccessful. The consumer said that he and several other friends who also spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on the phone have encountered the same situation.

The "E-Liango" platform belongs to Chongqing E-Liango Technology Co., Ltd., which was established on July 28 this year. Its registered address is Longshan Street, Yubei District, Chongqing City. I found that the applet has also been inaccessible, and the page shows "due to suspected fraud, the service has been suspended".

The "Science and Technology Innovation Board Daily" called the market supervision department of Yubei District to learn that the relevant departments have paid attention to the relevant situation and have launched an investigation. However, when the staff of the State Administration for Market Regulation arrived at the scene, they could not find the company at the registered address, and the person in charge of the company had also lost contact.

The person in charge also said that Yiliangou changed the company's address from Yuzhong District, Chongqing to Yubei District on September 9, and has notified the relevant local departments, and also set up a warning for the company, prohibiting the Company change and cancellation, the incident is under further investigation.

The announcement of Youle Shopping Machine and Yiliangou reported on the Internet stated:

Dear customers, friends, and partners: I sincerely thank you for your support and companionship! We ran away, sorry!

But this is society. People are unpredictable and unpredictable. I hope you don’t trust people too much in the future. Sometimes your trust can be easily exchanged for disappointment. Money can easily make people lost. Self, so this society, this network is very cruel and ruthless, you can't see through it.

I’m sorry, I hope this lesson will make you understand better, and don’t feel too disappointed. Let’s take this lesson as well. We also need money to live. Maybe this time will make you feel the blow, but don’t be disappointed. You can make money, nothing.

Youle Buying Machine and Yiliangou Apple Store once again tell you: I'm sorry!

There is no definite news to confirm this online "running letter". However, the Yiliangou online mall has been officially banned for suspected fraud.

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