EU draft shows that smart refrigerators/TVs and other devices need to strictly abide by cybersecurity rules

An EU document shows that the EU has begun to formulate a draft of stricter network security rules. The draft said that smart devices such as smart refrigerators and TVs that can connect to the Internet will need to strictly comply with the EU. Cybersecurity rules or risk fines or market bans.

In recent years, with the occurrence of hacking incidents in many enterprises, people's concerns about network security have been exacerbated. In response, the European Union's executive body will announce on September 13 a proposal known as the "Cyber ​​Resilience Act" to govern the cybersecurity of smart devices. The so-called network resilience refers to the ability of a system to quickly respond to a disaster and restore it to a normal state to ensure that the system is available at any time.

Manufacturers must assess the cybersecurity risks of their products and, if problems are identified, they must notify the EU cybersecurity agency ENISA of the incident within 24 hours and take steps to address them, the document said. In addition, importers and distributors are also required to verify that products comply with EU rules.

If a business fails to comply, regulators can "prohibit or restrict the sale of the product on its domestic market, or withdraw it from that market". Those who ignore the rules will be fined up to 2.5% of their total global turnover.

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