EU releases new draft plans to require mobile phone manufacturers to provide 5 years of spare parts

According to a new draft proposal published by the European Commission, manufacturers supplying smartphones to the EU will be required to provide spare parts for at least 5 years from the date of the device’s launch and ensure better battery life.

The proposal would require smartphone makers to produce at least 15 different parts, and the battery should still function well after 500 full charges without dropping below 83 percent capacity. It is reported that mobile phones sold in the EU must also carry energy efficiency labels, similar to those on washing machines and dishwashers, showing other characteristics such as battery life expectancy and equipment drop resistance.

The draft regulation covers tablets and mobile phones and says that by improving the repairability and recyclability of hardware, the energy consumption involved in the production and use of devices will be reduced by a third. In addition, the new proposal addresses software and requires manufacturers to provide security updates within five years and feature updates within three years after the device is withdrawn from the market.

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