Even Steve Jobs daughter complained that Apple's iPhone 14 was not new

At the press conference early this morning, Apple launched the iPhone 14 series, and it has not been a day since it turned out that the new iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus may not be the real upgrades that many people were looking forward to. The standard version of the iPhone 14 still uses last year's A15 chip, Liu Haiping, and a 12-megapixel main camera . It can almost be said that the new iPhone 14 is the iPhone 13 with clean clothes.

Even Eve, the daughter of Apple founder Steve Jobs, shared similar sentiments, mocking the latest iPhone 14 phone on Instagram. Eve shared a meme on Instagram showing how easy it was to upgrade to a new phone.

"I upgraded from an iPhone 13 to an iPhone 14 after Apple announced today." The picture shows a man holding a new shirt that he is currently wearing.

Apple's iPhone 14 standard model has not received significant upgrades: such as the lack of the A16 processor, the "Smart Island" hole-punch screen and a 48-megapixel camera . It also uses the same 60Hz refresh rate screen as the iPhone 13.

If users want to buy a new iPhone, the standard version of the iPhone 13 sold by Apple for $699 (National Bank 5399 yuan) is still worth considering. However, if users want to own the latest iPhone 14, they will need to spend at least $799 (National Bank 5999 yuan).

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