EVGA high-end brand Kingpin is expected to continue to exist

Last week, EVGA announced that it would withdraw from the graphics card market, which surprised many users and raised many questions about the future of the brand. On social media and major forums, people are asking about the future of EVGA's high-end brand Kingpin.

Later, the official Kingpin partner also issued a statement on EVGA's blockbuster news and implied that he was open to offers while thanking all fans of EVGA + KINGPIN, suggesting that Kingpin may continue to exist in some form.

In a Facebook post, Lucido made a statement about the future of Kingpin's products:

Thank you to all industry friends, old colleagues, etc. who lend a helping hand. It means a lot and I appreciate it. This news has not been well received and my apologies to the fans and people who are passionate about our brand and what we have done at EVGA over the years. If KP Hardware is going to live on in one way or another, I'm sure it will :) The EVGA and PC hardware enthusiast communities have been fantastic for me and my team over the years, thank you.

Kingpin is a product series designed by EVGA and overclocking master Vince Lucido (Kingpin's real name) designed for hardcore enthusiasts and extreme overclockers.

This means that after EVGA let go, Vince Lucido may still hand over the Kingpin brand to other manufacturers.

If there are board manufacturers who want to compete on the top graphics cards, especially products designed for extreme overclocking, this may be an opportunity worth considering. Even if it's not so extreme, at least the Kingpin version can increase the popularity of its products and hold more premium chips.

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