FiiO releases low-noise regulated linear power supply

According to FiiO's official news, FiiO's first linear power supply PL50 has been released, priced at 999 yuan, and the first launch is 899 yuan. Linear power supplies have inherent advantages such as low noise, small ripple, and stable output, which play a great role in improving sound quality.

In terms of specifications, FiiO  PL50 has specially customized a 50VA professional audio-grade "O"-shaped transformer, equipped with Nippon Steel's high-quality iron core and high-purity oxygen-free copper core winding, so that PL50 has higher efficiency, higher precision, More stable voltage, and more abundant energy output. In addition, the PL50 is equipped with big-name materials such as the Shinden rectifier bridge, TI voltage regulator chip, black diamond, and ruby ​​high-standard filter system capacitors, as well as a complete and reliable circuit design.

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