FLAC 1.4 new version released after nearly ten years

Multimedia FLAC 1.4 "Free Lossless Audio Codec" was recently released. FLAC is known for its excellent, free digital audio lossless compression technology. It has been almost ten years since the release of FLAC 1.3 (May 2013), and now the FLAC 1.4 series is the latest. In FLAC 1.4, performance optimizations are made for ARMv8 (AArch64) hardware with NEON instructions. From Apple M1/M2 to Ampere Altra and various other hardware, AArch64 will perform better.

On the x86_64 side, FLAC 1.4 brings acceleration to Intel/AMD processors that support FMA instructions. Some other work in FLAC 1.4 includes encoding/decoding 32-bit PCM, encoding files with sample rates up to 1048575Hz, encoding preset improvements, FLAC format documentation has been rewritten, CMake builds system improvements, and a wide variety of Other additions and fixes.

Users can download and learn more details about the FLAC 1.4 update via GitHub.

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