Ford executive chairman to travel to South Korea this month to meet LG New Energy and SK On executives

With the rapid development of electric vehicles, the key component of batteries has become critical. Like semiconductor components, it directly determines the production of electric vehicles by related manufacturers, thus ensuring a sufficient supply of batteries has become increasingly important, and the relationship between car manufacturers committed to developing electric vehicles and battery manufacturers has become increasingly close.

The latest foreign media reports show that Bill Ford, executive chairman of Ford Motor, will travel to South Korea this month to meet with executives from LG New Energy and SK On, two major Korean battery manufacturers.

Judging from Korean media reports, Bill Ford went to South Korea to meet with executives of the two companies to discuss business cooperation.

Ford and SK On have formed a joint venture in the United States, and construction has begun on three planned battery factories. In the latest report, foreign media said that Ford has proposed that the two sides set up another joint venture, and this issue is expected to be discussed.

LG New Energy is currently the world's second-largest electric vehicle battery manufacturer, with a market share second only to CATL. Although Ford and LG New Energy have not established a joint venture, foreign media mentioned in the report that there is news that Ford is seeking to obtain more batteries from LG-based energy.

In addition to business discussions, foreign media said that when Bill Ford went to South Korea, he may also discuss solutions to the electric vehicle subsidy program. According to a new US bill, electric vehicles using Korean batteries will not be able to receive subsidies.

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