Foxconn responded by dismantling part of the iPhone 14 production line

This year's standard version of the iPhone 14  is not much upgraded compared to last year, it neither uses the latest A16 processor nor does it support functions such as high-speed brushing and smart island, so users are not interested in this phone. Obviously, there is not much interest, and the market performance is far less than the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max.

Last month Foxconn’s Shenzhen and Zhengzhou factories just entered the mass production period of the iPhone 14 series, which is the peak production season.

However, some Foxconn employees said that Foxconn has dismantled many production lines, and at least five workshops.

According to the China Securities Journal, Foxconn insiders said that some iPhone 14 production lines were upgraded to produce iPhone 14 Pro series models, which did not have much impact on production. Foxconn’s Shenzhen and Zhengzhou factories are currently in hot production.

Foxconn, a subsidiary of Hon Hai, is the largest contract manufacturer of Apple's iPhone 14 series, accounting for about 70% of the overall contract manufacturing of the iPhone 14 series, and it is also the main contract manufacturer of high-end iPhone 14 Pro series models.

Earlier, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said on social platforms that Apple has asked Hon Hai (Foxconn) to switch the iPhone 14 production line to the iPhone 14 Pro series production line, which will help improve Apple's product mix and iPhone average sales in the fourth quarter of this year. price. Later, he also said that after the production line conversion, the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max accounted for 60%-65% of the overall iPhone 14 series shipments in 2H22 (previously estimated 55%-60%), and the iPhone 14 Pro Max is the iPhone 14. The most popular model in the 14 series.

Users’ indifference to the iPhone 14 can be seen from the supply on the official website and major e-commerce platforms. Currently, all memory and color versions of the iPhone 14 on Apple’s official website are in stock, while the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max basically have to wait 5-7 week. On e-commerce platforms such as Pinduoduo, Tmall, and, the iPhone 14 is also available in stock, and the iPhone 14 Pro Max is hard to find.

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