Fuji will soon release XF56mmF1.2 II

According to domestic camera dealers, Fujifilm may release the XF56mmF1.2 Mark II lens at the September 9th press conference. Now, Fuji is vigorously promoting the current XF56mmF1.2 lens, priced at 4,999 yuan. It is said that the new generation of XF56mmF1.2 Mark II will improve the focusing performance, and the domestic price may be more than 6,000 yuan.

Fuji's current XF56mmF1.2 lens uses 8 groups of 11 elements, equivalent to a full-frame 85mm focal length, and a maximum aperture of F1.2. It is suitable for portrait shooting. Officials say that it can show a beautiful bokeh effect. Fujifilm China has now announced that the X Summit will be held at 8pm on September 9, where the X-H2 camera is expected to be released.

Based on the existing information, Fuji's new X-H2 camera will use the same design as the X-H2s, mainly for still image shooting, equipped with a 40-megapixel APS-C sensor, equipped with the latest X-Processor 5 processor, and expected price It is $1999 (about 13753.12 yuan), between the X-H2S and the X-T4.

The Fujifilm X-H2 camera will support 8K/30p recording, as well as 4K/60p and FHD/120p recording. In contrast, Fujifilm's now-available X-H2s don't support 8K recording but support 6K/30p, 4K/120p, and FHD/240p shooting. In addition, there is also news that Fuji's new X-H2 camera will support pixel shift. In this way, for multiple shooting, the 40-megapixel shake becomes 160 million.

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