Gigabyte confirms that Z690, B660 and subsequent motherboards will support AMD EXPO technology

Gigabyte officially announced that its Z690, B660 and subsequent motherboards will support AMD EXPO (EXTended Profiles for Overclocking) overclocking extended profile technology. According to foreign media tests, EXPO can achieve faster game performance in certain games including "F1 2022", with a maximum increase of 11%.

AMD recently announced new EXPO technology for DDR5 memory on the latest AM5 platform, which enables easy acceleration of DDR5 memory with built-in overclocking profiles for performance gains, just like XMP technology. Subsequently, major memory manufacturers have released EXPO memory accordingly.

GIGABYTE was also the first to offer AMD EXPO support on AM5 motherboards, and continues this innovative design to Intel platforms, enabling users to enjoy performance boosts with AMD EXPO or Intel XMP memory on Z690, B660 and below motherboards. According to reports, the latest BIOS of Gigabyte Z690, B660 and below motherboards that support XMP and EXPO will be released on Gigabyte's official website soon. Users who need it can pay attention to it.

AMD stated that AMD EXPO technology is designed to achieve higher game performance through pre-configured overclocking profiles, and lower the threshold for memory overclocking to better help gamers, and AMD will not charge memory manufacturers. or licensing fees.

The follow-up AMD EXPO technology will come together with AMD Ryzen 7000 series processors. At present, brands such as ADATA, Corsair, Jinbang, G.K., and Kingston have launched corresponding products. Players now have more than 15 kinds of memory kits to choose from, and the memory speed can reach up to DDR5-6400.

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