Google Android 13 phones with less than 2GB of memory cannot be pre-installed with GMS

Today's smartphones are equipped with 6GB, 8GB, or even more memory, and the storage is generally not less than 64GB, even for very cheap Android smartphones, using smartphones with less than 2GB of memory Gone are the days of, and Google has now officially updated its GMS requirements as well.

 Google announced on its Android developer blog (via Mishaal Rahman) that starting with Android  13, smartphones will require at least 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage to pre-install Google Mobile Suit (GMS). This is true even for Android Go devices, which typically have very little memory. New devices with less than 2GB of RAM cannot be pre-installed with GMS, and devices currently running Android 12 that do not meet the above requirements cannot be upgraded to Android 13.

Many early Android Go phones came with 1GB of RAM and 8GB of storage, but today's Android Go phones are equipped with 2GB or more of RAM, so this regulation won't massively change the entry-level Android phone market.

In fact, mobile phones with 1GB of memory can no longer guarantee the basic user experience, and there are almost no new opportunities to have such a configuration. It seems that it is not meaningful for Google to make this restriction now.

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