Google moves Pixel production line to Vietnam

Some industrial chains are being transferred from China to Vietnam, the most well-known of which are Google, Apple, and Microsoft. "Part of the production of Google's latest Pixel phone will be done in Vietnam," according to people familiar with Google's plans, as it plans to move its Pixel phone assembly line from China's Foxconn factory to Vietnam, where the Pixel 7 is made.

According to the report, "Google expects Vietnam to supply as many as half of its Pixel phones next year". In addition, Google has a foldable device in the pipeline, which may be released in 2023, and its production line may remain in China. People familiar with the matter said that because the screen and hinge technology used in the new machine is closer to Chinese suppliers.

While Google has yet to officially acknowledge the upcoming Pixel Fold device, there have been leaks in the supply chain since last year, though it has been delayed several times. In addition, some of Apple's 2022 iPhones will also be produced in India, while Apple has previously produced iPads and Apple Watches in Vietnam. Apple's recent list of 200 top suppliers shows that about 10% of them are in Vietnam.

In addition to Vietnam, Apple will also move some of its iPhone production lines to India to test its ability to make iPhones in the country. Ming-Chi Kuo said that the mass production of Apple's iPhone 14 in India this year is still about 6 weeks behind China. Constrained by factors such as secrecy, Apple and Foxconn believe that it is unrealistic to produce the iPhone 14 in India and China at the same time this year.

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