Google Pixel 7 mobile phone appeared on Amazon

Google will hold a new product launch conference at 23:00 on October 6, Beijing time, to launch the Pixel 7 / Pro series of mobile phones and a variety of new accessories. Approaching the launch of new products, there are more and more revelations about Google's Pixel 7 / Pro series of mobile phones. Today, some users brought the latest revelations.

Twitter user @Brandon Lee posted that the Google Pixel 7 phone has appeared on Amazon in the United States. The page shows that the 128GB version of the Google Pixel 7 phone costs $599 (about 4306.81 yuan). However, the page is only cached for search, and if the user clicks on the page, an error will appear.

Shopping platforms such as Amazon may set placeholders before the product is officially released, so this price may not be the real retail price. However, this price is consistent with the previous revelations, and the credibility is high. Twitter user @ArtemR has previously stated that the Google Pixel 7 is priced at $599 (about 4306.81 yuan) and the Google Pixel 7 Pro phone is priced at $899 (about 6463.81 yuan). Compared with last year's Google Pixel 6 series phones, the starting price of Google's Pixel 7 / Pro phones has not changed.

Google Pixel 7 Pro has appeared on the Geekbench benchmarking platform. The Google Pixel 7 Pro CPU with Tensor G2 scored 1068 for single-core running and 3149 for multi-core running. The previous-generation Pixel 6 Pro's CPU scored around 1050 in single-core running and around 2750 in multi-core running, only a small improvement.

In addition, Google Pixel 7/7 Pro has passed FCC certification , which shows that it supports Wi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth and NFC functions. Previously, the news revealed that the Google Pixel 7 series will use a 2K flexible screen, pre-orders will begin on October 6, and sales will begin on October 13.

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