Google rolls out first Android 13 security update

Google released the official version of Android 13 and pushed an update to Pixel phones. Android 13 further enhances the Material You theme introduced in Android 12, improves existing privacy controls, and introduces the ability to copy and paste across devices. After updating the official version of Android 13, some Pixel users found that there was a problem with the wireless charging function of their mobile phones. Although the mobile phone still recognized and displayed wireless charging, the mobile phone was not actually charged. Today, Google rolled out the first Android 13 system update to address the issue.

In addition, this update also fixes an issue that caused the phone to drain abnormally with certain launchers; fixes an issue where, on the Pixel 6a, any fingerprint could pass fingerprint recognition in some cases; fixes an issue that occasionally prevented the device from connecting to Bluetooth question.

The version number of this system update is TP1A.220905.004, which will be gradually pushed to Pixel 4 (4 XL), 4a, 4a (5G), Pixel 5, 5a, Pixel 6, and 6 Pro this week. devices, and will be pushed to the Pixel 6a later this month.

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