GoPro Hero11 Black rendering exposure

Last September 16th, the GoPro Hero10 Black action camera was officially released. This month, the new generation of action camera GoPro Hero11 Black is expected to be officially unveiled. Recently, the rendering of the camera has been exposed.

There will be no major changes in the appearance of the GoPro Hero11 Black. As you can see from the rendering, the action camera looks like only the "10" on the side has changed to "11", showing that this is the GoPro Hero11 Black.

The report claims that the biggest improvement on the GoPro Hero11 Black is its use of a new sensor, which can take 27-megapixel still photos, an improvement over the GoPro Hero10 Black's 23-megapixel. At the same time, the GoPro Hero11 Black can also save 24.7-megapixel photos from the video.

In terms of video, the resolution of the GoPro Hero11 Black has not been improved, and it is still 5616 x 3744 or 5.3K. At 5.3K resolution, it supports up to 60 frames of video capture; at 4K resolution, it supports up to 120 frames of video capture. Meanwhile, the GoPro Hero11 Black still uses a 1720mAh battery.

The GoPro Hero10 Black action camera is equipped with a self-developed GP2 processor and has dual front and rear screens. The camera supports WiFi, Bluetooth, and other connection methods, supports GPS positioning and has a 10-meter waterproof capability. In terms of price, the GoPro Hero10 Black action camera is priced at 3,886 yuan in the country, 3,498 yuan for the first release, and 4,798 yuan for the set with accessories.

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