Hanwang Technology plans to launch a humanoid robot prototype in 2025

According to Hanwang Technology official WeChat, company president Zhu Deyong said that at this stage, "humanoid" robots lack the benchmarking role of an integrated product when the mobile phone market was born in 2007. It is predicted that a sufficiently powerful prototype will appear in about 5 years. 

Hanwang Technology currently has three business lines in the direction of "humanoid" robots:

  • First, through text recognition, semantic understanding, and RPA technology, employees are liberated for highly repetitive and labor-intensive work, and related business processing is carried out in courts, medical insurance, social security, etc.;
  • The second is to carry out remote automatic risk control management in the financial industry through text and video recognition, voice and face recognition, and behavior recognition;
  • The third is through the mechanical power control system, applied to the imitation wing robot bird.

Hanwang Technology is currently actively conducting industrial layouts in commercial and home service robots. IT Home has learned that Hanwang Technology plans to launch a prototype service commercial robot in 2025, achieve mass production in 2027, and enter thousands of households in 2030.

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