Hesai Technology become the world's first vehicle-mounted lidar company with monthly mass production

The current mainstream sensor products in vehicles mainly include cameras, millimeter-wave radar, ultrasonic radar and lidar. According to the industry consensus, lidar is an important hardware configuration to help cars realize high-level intelligent assisted driving functions. 

According to the official public account of Hesai Technology, after several years of chip development, tape-out, system iteration, DV/PV vehicle-level verification, and mass production ramp-up, Hesai Technology announced that the AT128 has achieved a monthly delivery volume. Over 10,000 units, becoming the world's first vehicle-mounted lidar company with monthly deliveries exceeding 10,000 units.

Hesai less than three months from the start of official mass production to the ramp-up of production capacity and the delivery of more than 10,000 units per month. Officially, AT128, as Hesai's first product for the front-loading mass production market, ADAS long-range main lidar, although it is not the first semi-solid product to enter the market, it has achieved ideals, concentration, and high integration once it is released. Lotus and other brands of a variety of models are designated.

In addition, Hesai also builds its own factory, controls each production link from the source, and can optimize and improve the production process in time. Hesai factory adopts the industry's most advanced intelligent manufacturing technology and intelligent cloud service MES central control system and applies a large number of intelligent industrial robots. The automation rate of the entire production line is as high as 90%, and the entire line runs for the 60s, which means that a qualified lidar product is rolled off the production line every 60s on average.

Hesai has also invested nearly 200 million US dollars to build a "Maxwell" intelligent manufacturing center with a planned annual production capacity of over one million units. The new factory is expected to be officially put into operation in 2023.

The "2022 Automotive and Industrial Lidar Application Report" released by Yole recently shows that China is in a leading position in the global automotive lidar market, mentioning 15 lidar companies located in China, of which the world's two largest automotive lidar companies are both. From China, they are Hesai Technology and Sagitar Juchuang. From the perspective of revenue ranking, in the automotive field, Hesai Technology is the world's No. 1 lidar company in terms of total revenue. In the field of self-driving taxis, Hesai Technology also leads by absolute advantage, ranking first in the world with 58% of revenue, more than double the share of second place Waymo.

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