Hisense releases new U8H MiniLED TV

Hisense released the U8H MiniLED TV, 65 inches 13999 yuan, 75 inches 19999 yuan, 85 inches 26999 yuan. According to Hisense, the biggest innovation of Hisense U8H is to increase the dimming accuracy from 12bits to 16bits, realize 4096×16-level intelligent light control, and the ambient light contrast has reached 3 times that of OLED. U8H adopts a MiniLED backlight module with more than 2,000 partitions. With the cooperation of nearly 10,000 high-efficiency MiniLED chips, it can achieve more precise light control.

In terms of image processing, Hisense U8H is equipped with the industry's first 8K AI image quality chip independently developed by Hisense, and the 10,000-level partition processing algorithm solves the problems of traditional TV image layering and halo. At the same time, in terms of light source scheduling, Hisense U8H adopts a 1+N distributed driver chip architecture, and 608 driver chips achieve 5 times more accurate light control. For the first time in the industry, U8H achieves a stable peak brightness of 2000 nits in a small window of 1% and achieves a dynamic range that is twice that of OLED. The details of the dark field are not lost, the details of the bright field are not exposed, and the picture is more transparent.

In terms of audio, Hisense U8H is the first in the industry to create a dual-theatre sound system with 3.1.2 true multi-channel sound. At the same time, it has innovatively designed sky sound speakers, which are 2.5 times more effective than ordinary sky sound speakers, and can truly restore the plane flying overhead. the sound of.

In terms of design, U8H has also carried out industrial innovation. U8H achieves a true zero-stick wall mural design, the screen is only 54mm away from the wall, which is 30mm thinner than OLED.

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