Hisense U8H exposure shows positioning high-end, the internal code is OLED Killer

In September this year, the mobile phone circle was extremely lively, with new products from major domestic and foreign manufacturers such as Huawei and Apple appearing in turn. At the same time, there are also many high-end new products in the TV circle. In addition to the Leica Cine 1 laser TV launched by Leica and Hisense, Hisense will also launch new products in the near future.

Hisense will release a new generation of ULED TV products - Hisense U8H in September. It is understood that the internal code name of the product is OLED Killer, which surpasses OLED in terms of brightness and color reproduction.

According to public information, ULED is the LCD TV display technology launched by Hisense, in which the letter "U" refers to "Ultra". ULED adopts multi-zone independent backlight control and HiView picture engine technology, which is greatly improved compared with traditional LED displays in terms of picture contrast, picture layering, dark field details, accurate color reproduction, and picture fluency. Among them, the multi-zone independent backlight control means that it can precisely control each unit according to the characteristics of the screen.

In August of this year, WiSA Technologies Co., Ltd. announced that Hisense's new U8H series TVs have received WiSA SoundSend certification, which means that the TVs can wirelessly transmit TV audio to speakers through WiSA SoundSend devices, which is beneficial for users to create home theater audio systems.

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