Hisense ULED X TV E8H opens appointment today

The time comes in September, and many new products such as mobile phones and TVs will be unveiled. In September, Hisense ULED ultra-high-quality TV E8G will usher in a new upgrade, and the new E8H will be fully booked at 8 o'clock tonight.

The E8G launched by Hisense last year is a true HDR TV. The E8G is equipped with Hisense's own ULED technology and Xinxin U+ super image quality chip, adopts the new MiniLED display technology, supports 100-level Mini full-array dynamic backlight, dual 120Hz refresh, 4K HDR, etc.

According to industry analysis, as the next-generation new product of E8G, Hisense's new E8H is likely to be upgraded in core configurations such as multi-partition backlight control and high refresh , and become the top-quality TV new product in the TV market in the second half of the year.

At present, more information about the Hisense E8H is still unclear, and it is expected to improve in terms of XDR technology and screen refresh rate. Hisense E8H has now opened an appointment on the e-commerce platform, and will fully open the pre-sale at 8 pm on September 15th .

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