Honor Magic5 series images and screens have been upgraded

Honor CEO Zhao Ming said in an interview with the media that Honor’s next-generation folding screen phone will be released in the fourth quarter of this year and will be equipped with MagicOS 7.0 system. Three months after the phone was released, Honor will release a new flagship phone.

Today, the digital blogger @Digital Chat Station said that the Honor Magic V folding screen iteration (or named Magic V 2) is scheduled for Q4, and the Magic 5 series is a little later, which is consistent with the previous official information. In addition, the blogger broke the news that the image and screen of the Honor Magic5 series engineering machine have been upgraded, which is relatively good. At the same time, the machine, like several major manufacturers, retains the front ToF lens that supports 3D face recognition.

According to the blogger's revelations in late August, the mysterious prototype of the Honor True Super outsole is testing the AON mode. With an independent ISP, the camera can operate with extremely low power consumption, faster response to face unlock, gesture control monitoring, and cold start the camera, etc. . At the same time, Honor is testing 1/1.1-inch and 1-inch sensors with two super outsoles. Among them, the 1-inch professional outsole will increase the photosensitive area and the photosensitive ability will be greatly improved.

On March 17 this year, Honor released the Magic4 series of mobile phones, starting at 3,999 yuan. Among them, the Honor Magic4 Pro and Magic4 Premium Edition both use a front ToF lens that supports 3D face recognition.

According to public information, the full name of TOF is the Time of flight, also known as the time of flight ranging method. Its principle is to emit infrared rays through an infrared transmitter and receive the reflected infrared light through a sensor, and then calculate the distance of the target object through the length of the infrared reflection. Through the TOF lens, the mobile phone can realize 3D face recognition.

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