Honor X series mobile phones has exceeded 100 million

Jiang Hairong, CMO of Honor Terminal Co., Ltd. in China, announced today that the global user of Honor X series mobile phones has exceeded 100 million, and revealed that the nine-year milestone of Honor X series mobile phones will be released soon.

Honor X series products are about to usher in a new generation. Before that, we would like to share a piece of good news with you. The global users of Honor X series mobile phones have exceeded 100,000,000 and officially entered the era of "100 million"! From "one" to "billion", it is inseparable from the recognition and support of every user.

Since its birth in 2013, the Honor X-series mobile phones have continuously used innovation to "break through obstacles", and are committed to bringing a leap-forward experience in imaging, communication, display, and other aspects. There is the Honor 6X, which opened the era of a 1,000-yuan dual-camera, the Honor X10, which has set off a storm of 5G popularization, and the latest Honor X30, which has won the first half of 2022.

Today, the Honor X series products have covered more fields in all scenarios, such as mobile phones, notebooks, tablets, smart screens, and audio. Each category has inherited Honor’s insistence on quality in the past ten years. In the birthplace of the Honor X series - Honor Xi'an Research Institute, thousands of equipment carry out rigorous quality tests on each product, and some instruments run 24 hours * 365 days without interruption.

Some people have questioned whether this almost paranoid pursuit of quality is meaningful, and hundreds of millions of users have given us the answer. The Honor X series has become the high-quality word-of-mouth choice in the industry.

Today, the Honor X series has officially entered the next "billion" era.

In the future, we will still take strict quality as the raft, innovative technology as the paddle, and leap-level experience as the sail, and adhere to the concept of Pratt & Whitney technology to meet the needs of more consumers. Making friends with high quality is our constant pursuit. We will rely on the MagicOS underlying architecture and Honor interconnection capabilities to accompany you in a smarter, more efficient, and more intimate way. Building a human-centered smart experience is our way forward.

Thanks to all users for their recognition and support, the upcoming nine-year milestone of the Honor X series mobile phones will definitely bring you the amazing feeling of "at your fingertips". At the same time, there are also Honor X series notebooks, tablets, audio, etc. The new product was unveiled at the same venue.

Honor X series, you can always believe it!

The original Honor X40 mobile phone will be released in September. Weibo blogger @Digital Chat Station said that the Honor X40 series chooses to use OLED domestic flexible curved screens to take the route of beauty, while many 1000-yuan price segment machines use LCD screens.

The Weibo blogger @王子百ishitong hinted that the screen of the Honor X40 may be similar to the Honor 60, which is an OLED-like drill screen with 1920hz high-frequency PWM. The Honor X40 phone uses an OLED curved screen, while the Honor X40 Max phone will use an LCD straight screen. Previously, it was revealed that the Honor X40 Max supports 40W wired fast charging and has dual rear cameras.

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