Honor X40 features an OLED high-frequency dimming curved screen

Honor announced that it will release the Honor X40 series of mobile phones on September 15th, calling it a "new benchmark for jumping in". Jiang Hairong, CMO of Honor Terminal Co., Ltd. in China, said yesterday that new products such as Honor X series notebooks, tablets, and audio will also be unveiled at the same venue.

Today, digital blogger @Digital Chat Station broke the news that the Honor X40 will feature a high-frequency dimming OLED flexible curved screen with a peak brightness of 800 nits and support for a 100% P3 color gamut. In terms of price, the Honor X40 is positioned in the "thousand-yuan gear", and the blogger commented that it is "ok at this price".

For the Honor MagicBook V14 notebook, the blogger said that its software will continue to improve, and the hardware will add a TOF sensor, and there will be some new ways to play. This means that in addition to improving the security of facial recognition, the notebook may also provide functions such as gesture control.

Earlier this month, Honor CEO Zhao Ming said that the new MagicBook V14 notebook will be released in September, which means that the notebook is also expected to be unveiled at the press conference on the 15th.

Honor launched the Magicbook V14 2021 notebook in September last year, which is equipped with Intel's 11th generation H35 standard pressure processor and optional MX450 discrete graphics card. At the same time, the notebook is equipped with a Win11 system and a 5-megapixel front-facing dual camera, priced from 6199 yuan.

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