Honor X40 real phone debut

The official announcement of the Honor Autumn New Product Launch Conference will be held at 19:30 on September 15, bringing Honor X40, Honor Notebook V and X series new products, Honor Tablet X8, etc. Today, Honor’s official live broadcast room scrambled to reveal the real phone of the Honor X40 before the news broke, leaving the news with nowhere to go.

It can be seen from the official real phone that the Honor X40 uses a rear ring lens module with dual rear cameras, and the two cameras are located at both ends of the star ring module. It can be seen that they are far apart and equipped with a center digging Hole curved screen, the screen frame is shown in the figure below, what do you think?

The Honor X40 will be equipped with a 5100mAh battery, and the body is thin and light. Officials claim that the machine has achieved "thin and long battery life". There is no speaker opening on the top of the Honor X40, and it is not expected that the machine will be equipped with stereo dual speakers. In terms of screen, the official said that the machine will use a billion-color OLED curved screen, the screen is designed with a single hole in the center, and the curvature is large.

Weibo blogger @Digital Chat Station broke the news that the Honor X40 series chooses to use OLED domestic flexible curved screen, the peak brightness of the screen is 800 nits, supports 100% P3 color gamut, and takes the route of appearance, while many thousand yuan price segment The machine uses an LCD screen. In terms of price, the Honor X40 is positioned in the "thousand-yuan gear", and the blogger commented that it is "ok at this price".

The Weibo blogger @王子百ishitong hinted that the screen of the Honor X40 may be similar to the Honor 60, which is an OLED-like drill screen with 1920hz high-frequency PWM. The Honor X40 phone uses an OLED curved screen, while the Honor X40 Max phone will use an LCD straight screen. Previously, it was revealed that the Honor X40 Max supports 40W wired fast charging and has dual rear cameras.

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