HTC releases VIVE Focus 3 eye tracking and expression detection kit

HTC announced today the launch of the VIVE Focus 3 "eye tracking kit" and "expression detection kit", which greatly enhances the realism of human-computer interaction in the virtual world. HTC said that the new tracking kit of VIVE Focus 3 can enhance users' cooperation and human interaction in virtual environments, suitable for virtual activities, skills training, social chat, VIVE Sync remote meetings, animation and motion capture, and other interactive applications.

According to reports, the VIVE Focus 3 expression detection kit can accurately capture facial expressions and mouth movements, showing real facial movements and expressions, allowing users to experience close-to-real interpersonal communication and greatly enhancing the realism of interaction between them.

In terms of application areas, HTC pointed out that the VIVE Focus 3 expression detection kit is suitable for human interaction applications in education, healthcare, human resources, and creative industries, and can improve the training effect in different fields, including speech guidance, customer management services, job skills training, etc.

In addition, HTC claims that the VIVE Focus 3 Eye Tracking Kit and Expression Detection Kit are compatible with Unity, Unreal Game Engine, and Native.

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