Huaqiangbei AirPods crack iOS 16 piracy detection

We have previously reported that " iOS 16 adds a function to detect counterfeit AirPods ", if Apple users try to connect counterfeit AirPods to the iPhone, they will see "Cannot verify AirPods" on the iPhone. ” alert.

After the user connects the fake AirPods to the iPhone, a pop-up window of "Cannot verify AirPods" will appear, then there is a prominent button "Do not connect" at the bottom, and a small button "On Bluetooth" at the bottom Connect in settings". "You can choose not to connect unauthenticated AirPods, or connect them in Bluetooth settings. If you connect unauthenticated AirPods, they may not function as expected," Apple said.

However, the road is one foot high and the magic is one foot high. Yesterday, the blogger @geekabalei released a test video. In the video, the blogger tested a total of three "Huaqiangbei" AirPods Pro. In the first test, three All earphones were suggested to be fake AirPods. Two of these three models support OTA upgrades. One of the fake AirPods 3 using the Huilian 247 solution successfully bypassed the detection of fake AirPods by iOS 16 after the OTA firmware was upgraded to 2209131508. In addition, Luoda 1562A and Hengxuan 2500YP Versions of both chips do not support bypassing iOS 16 counterfeit AirPods detection.

I have to say that the speed of Huaqiangbei is really fast. Everyone must be cautious when buying AirPods. It is best to buy them from official channels.

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