Huawei home storage with HarmonyOS launched

Yesterday, the first HarmonyOS home data center "Huawei Home Storage" was officially launched for sale, offering two versions of 2TB+2TB and 8TB+8TB, priced at 2999 yuan and 4999 yuan respectively.

Today, Bruce Lee, vice president of Huawei's mobile phone product line, talked about the main differences between Huawei's home storage and previous NAS products through social media.

  • The setting and management interface is extremely simple, and you don't need to master complex network and storage knowledge, you can use it with a mobile phone.
  • Data security is more secure. In addition to supporting dual-disk backup, it also supports file encryption. Even if the hard disk is stolen, the data on the hard disk cannot be accessed. There is also an intimate maintenance mode, which can prevent maintenance personnel from seeing the hard disk when sending it for repair. When the dual-disk backup of all files is turned on, if one of the hard disks fails, just unplug the faulty hard disk and replace it with a new hard disk to automatically complete the data recovery.
  • The system gallery and home storage are deeply integrated on Hongmeng 3.0 mobile phones. You can access pictures and videos on the home storage anytime and anywhere like accessing local photos. You can play movies with dozens of GB online directly using a remote network without pressure.
  • No need to make special settings on the router to automatically achieve network penetration, support remote access to stored files, and unlimited file upload and download speeds.
  • Support remote synchronization and download of third-party software such as Baidu and Thunder.
  • Hard disk expansion is more convenient. Unlike traditional RAID1, this home storage uses Huawei's unique RAID solution. Users can flexibly manage whether this directory needs to be enabled for dual-disk backup according to the file directory. When the user needs to expand the hard disk, he can pull out a hard disk and replace it with a new large hard disk. After the data synchronization is completed, replace another hard disk to complete the automatic data migration and system expansion. There is no need to re-do RAID and manually migrate data.

Huawei home storage plays an important part in Huawei's 1+8+N smart life full-scenario strategy and can interconnect with other devices to achieve fast and convenient data access and transfer.

Huawei Home Storage has an automatic synchronization function, and new photos and files in the mobile computer can be automatically saved to the home storage. In terms of security, Huawei Home Storage also brings fingerprint recognition technology to storage products for the first time, and the content in the fingerprint safe can only be unlocked locally by the user and cannot be accessed remotely.

In terms of software, Huawei Home Storage is based on the distributed capability of HarmonyOS 3.0, which supports the one-touch binding of Huawei accounts, and data is automatically synchronized; remote connection and multi-person collaborative office, seamless data flow is uninterrupted; Huawei Home Storage supports HarmonyOS-based privacy and security, through The three-layer space encryption design protects personal privacy in an all-round way.

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