Huawei Mate 50: The satellite communication will be quickly applied to the consumer market

Huawei Mate 50 / Pro series will be officially released this afternoon, equipped with satellite communication technology, which has attracted widespread attention from netizens. In addition, Geely's Xingji Times Company, which acquired a 79.09% controlling stake in Meizu Technology, also announced that it will launch the world's first consumer-grade mobile phone directly connected to low-orbit satellites.

At noon today, blogger @Digital Chat Station confirmed this point of view, saying that satellite communication connection technology will be applied to the consumer market very quickly, and both upstream Qualcomm and MediaTek have done it, and it is expected that more models will be supported next year.

Tianfeng International analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that Apple's iPhone 14 / Pro series also developed satellite communication, and completed hardware testing of this function before mass production, whether support depends on the "Apple and operators can No solution to the business model" issue.

Liyang Chip announced yesterday that the company has recently completed the development of the world's first Beidou short message SoC chip test solution and entered the mass production stage. The company provides exclusive wafer-level testing services for the chip.

In addition, Xingji Times announced the Xingji Internet technology yesterday, through 5G + low-orbit satellite communication + near-field communication to achieve global coverage, and multi-terminal interconnection, so that people "never lose contact". The blessing of low-orbit satellites provides a wide-coverage, high-speed, stable, low-latency space-ground integrated communication channel for Xingji's full-scenario business.

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