Huawei Mate50 / Pro series supports Beidou satellite messages

The fall launch of Huawei’s Mate50 series and full-scenario new products is underway. Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei’s consumer business, said that Huawei’s Mate50 series supports Beidou satellite messaging hardware capabilities, and is the first in the industry to support Beidou satellite messaging. Popular smartphone.

According to the official introduction, when you are in an environment without ground network signal coverage, such as in desert and no-man’s land, in distress at sea, and in earthquake rescue, you can send text and location information through the Changlian App to keep in touch with the outside world and support multiple locations. Generate a trajectory map.

"The Huawei Mate50 series has opened the era of mass satellite communications." Yu Chengdong said.

According to public information, at the end of July and the beginning of August this year, China North Industries Group Co., Ltd., together with China Mobile Communications Group Co., Ltd., China Electronics Technology Group Co., Ltd., and domestic mobile phone manufacturers, conquered a number of key core technologies and completed the first domestic mobile phone Beidou short-circuit The research and development of the integrated radio frequency baseband chip for message communication, the innovative realization of the "one-number dual-network" design of mass mobile phones that "do not change cards, numbers, and add peripherals", and realize the satellite communication capability of mass smartphones for the first time in the world. Regional public users will enjoy the Beidou-3 short message communication service.

Beidou's short message communication capability regional communication capability reaches 14,000 bits (1,000 Chinese characters) each time and supports global communication capabilities of 560 bits (40 Chinese characters) each time.

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