Huawei shares tips for shooting the moon

Today is the traditional Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, and it's time to photograph the moon once a year. Huawei took the Mate 50 as an example to share tips for taking pictures of the moon. It only takes three steps to take a clear big moon.

According to Huawei, first, use the bracket to fix the mobile phone to prevent a handshake, and wipe the phone lens clean by the way. Next, you can choose Huawei's moon mode, or you can use the manual mode to pull the focal length to more than 50 times, and then adjust parameters such as ISO and exposure time to shoot different styles of the moon. Finally, in order to avoid shaking when pressing the shutter, it is recommended to use voice-activated shooting.

The moon shooting tips shared by Huawei are also applicable to other mobile phones with telephoto lenses. You may wish to try them.

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