Huawei smart screen new product exposure

Digital blogger @kanshan’s uncle broke the news that Huawei’s upcoming sub-brand new products will be named Vision, including “Huawei Vision Smart Screen 75” and “Huawei Vision Smart Screen 86”, which are similar to the previous ones. The mobile phone Vision has the same name, the Chinese name "Vision", and it is known as the industry's top industrial design.

The launch of Huawei's smart screen new products was originally scheduled to be held at 19:00 on September 26, but he said it seemed to have been postponed. It is said that the new products released this time include the standard version and the e-sports version, which will go on sale on October 14 and October 31 respectively.

According to reports, this new product has a total of four models, including two 75-inch models, a 65-inch model, and an 86-inch model, which are:

  • Huawei Vision Smart Screen 75
  • Huawei Vision Smart Screen 86
  • Huawei Vision Smart Screen Z65 Gaming Edition
  • Huawei Vision Smart Screen Z75 Gaming Edition

Huawei has previously launched the  Vision S smart screen overseas, equipped with a 4K 120Hz screen, only 55-inch, and 65-inch versions.

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