Huawei Sound X Gilt Theater Edition released

Huawei released the gilded theater version of the Sound X smart speaker, using 18K real gold plating technology and gilded gold exclusive lighting effects, priced at 2499 yuan. The Huawei Sound X Gilt Theater Edition adopts the theater sound field jointly designed by Devialet, which can bring users an immersive experience like a golden theater; equipped with HarmonyOS 3, it brings a more intelligent experience.

According to reports, the Huawei Sound X Gilt Theater Edition can simulate a concert hall to listen to live performances, and the sound reverberates in the building, making the music seem to flow in the sound field of the "theater hall" space. In addition, the Sound X Gilt Theatre Edition adds a Hi-Classical Gilt Theatre Classical Music Zone. The new HarmonyOS 3 supports convenient control experiences such as one-touch voice transmission, hyper terminal, and multi-device broadcast control.

Huawei's first-generation Sound X was released in 2019, and in 2021, Huawei released the Sound X New model, and now the latest Sound X "gilt theater version" brings a higher-end design and software experience.

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