Huawei takes the lead in completing the industry's first 5G Redcap key technology verification

According to the release of the 5G promotion group, on September 23, 2022, the IMT-2020 (5G) promotion group completed the world's first 5G R17 RedCap base station and key chip technology in the MTNet laboratory of the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology. The test uses Huawei's commercial base stations and commercial chips from well-known domestic manufacturers and follows the requirements of the "Key Technical Requirements for 5G Enhanced Technology R&D Test NR RedCap" compiled by the IMT-2020 (5G) Promotion Group. The test results show that R17 RedCap has moved from standard to commercial use. The industrial chain has preliminary conditions for commercial use.

Since the commercial use of 5G in China for three years, China has built 2.102 million 5G base stations, leading the world in 5G and vertical industry integration applications, 5G applications have covered 40 categories of the national economy, and 6,500 5G virtual private networks have been built. The "Guidelines for the Construction of 5G Fully Connected Factories" was released at the "Industrial Internet" on-site work conference. The document proposes that in the next few years, 10,000 enterprises will be promoted to carry out the construction of 5G fully connected factories, 1,000 factories with distinctive features will be built, and 100 benchmarks will be built. factory.

With the in-depth and large-scale development of 5G and industry integration applications, the problem of expensive 5G terminal modules has become more and more prominent. Although the price of 5G industry modules has dropped from 1,500 yuan in 2019 to 450 yuan in 2022, compared with 4G 100 yuan The price pressure within the industry scale is still very large.

In June this year, the 3GPP R17 standard protocol was frozen, and RedCap is a key technology for medium and high-speed IoT scenarios. By reducing the terminal spectrum bandwidth to 20MHz and using 1R or 2R receiving antennas, RedCap can greatly reduce the price of 5G modules to less than 100 yuan in the future, while inheriting the advantages of 5G network slicing and low latency. Compared with 4G, RedCap can The Internet of Things technology has intergenerational advantages, better performance, and stronger functions, and the industry's voice for the accelerated commercial use of RedCap is growing.

This RedCap key technology test includes the basic residency and access of RedCap UE, handover, initial BWP shared between RedCap UE and ordinary 5G UE, RedCap UE independent uplink/downlink initial BWP, and uplink and downlink rates. This test will promote the maturity of the 5G RedCap network and chip industry chain, and lay a solid foundation for the large-scale commercial use of 5G IoT.

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