Huawei Zhixuan Dingdipai Car Smart Screen Pro released

According to Huawei Smart Life, Huawei Smart Selection Dingdipai Car Smart Screen Pro has been launched. The device adopts an all-in-one body, is equipped with the new HUAWEI HiCar desktop, supports continuous voice dialogue, and customizes the universal card. and rich wallpapers; it has also been upgraded to 3K ultra-wide-angle driving dual-camera, and a large number of applications are often new. In the public test of Huawei Mall, the price is 1799 yuan at a discount of 200 yuan, and the public test ends on October 4.

HUAWEI HiCar's new desktop supports split-screen navigation on the home page and a wealth of custom universal cards. When the navigation task is started, the to-do schedule, weather forecast, Ongoing application, settings, etc. on the mobile phone can be automatically generated. At the same time, with new wallpapers, you can customize your cockpit desktop as you like.

On the new in-vehicle smart screen Pro, consumers can use the newly launched in-vehicle space smart card to control the intelligent items equipped with Hongmeng Zhilian, such as the baby's first child seat and the fragrance car fragrance. 

The voice interaction of the in-vehicle smart screen Pro has been newly upgraded. This scenario is often encountered during driving: receiving a new meeting address from a friend via WeChat, or discovering a new restaurant on the gourmet app. The in-vehicle smart screen Pro supports mobile phones. With a shake, the location information of the new address on the mobile phone can be transferred to the in-vehicle smart screen and accurately start the navigation task based on the new address. In addition, when a navigation task is activated by voice, a common address will be selected by default, and the navigation task will be directly activated.

The car smart screen Pro supports the feature of "sound follows human movement". Based on ultrasonic detection technology, when the car owner takes the mobile phone and gets out of the car, it will automatically switch the sound output device to avoid disturbing the passengers in the car by playing the sound of the original car audio. At the same time, the visitor mode can be set for the driving record to protect the driving privacy.

The in-vehicle smart screen Pro can also support one-time wake-up, continuous dialogue, and interrupt at any time, which is more natural and efficient, freeing hands, and focusing more on driving.

The car smart screen Pro adopts a simple and thin body and a clean and integrated design. Compared with the first generation, it greatly reduces the "foreign body feeling" when entering the car. The 8.9-inch high-definition screen, which is suitable for more than 85% of passenger vehicles, does not block the line of sight, is not afraid of strong light, and has clear picture details. The front camera is equipped with a 3K camera, and the driving record is ultra-clear image quality. At the same time, the built-in storage is added, which is more reliable and efficient.

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