Huawei's high-end smart speakers add new products

According to Huawei's news blogger "Uncle Kanshan", Huawei will release the Sound X "Golden Theater Edition" smart speaker at a press conference tomorrow afternoon. Huawei's first-generation Sound X was released in 2019, and Huawei will release the Sound X New model in 2021. It is currently unclear what appearance and configuration the Sound X "gilt theater version" will use.

The new generation of Huawei Sound X New speakers released last year is equipped with  HarmonyOS 2, and for the first time, colorful lights are added, priced at 2199 yuan. Officially, Huawei Sound X is inspired by electronic tubes and pays tribute to the classic tube amplifier. 360° all-metal sound hole, 3D curved surface seamless process, highlighting the high-end quality design. 48 full-color LED lights surround 360°, creating 7+1 magic lighting effects.

In addition, the new generation of Huawei Sound X is the first three-way smart speaker jointly designed by Devialet. The high, mid, and woofer units sound independently so that the three tones are clearly layered, the bass is shocking and deep, the mids are warm and clear, and the highs are bright and clear. Transparent surging sound.

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