IC Insights: TSMC is expected to overtake Samsung in Q3

 The ranking of global semiconductor manufacturers may usher in a reshuffle. According to an estimate by IC Insights, a research institute, TSMC’s revenue in the second quarter has surpassed Intel’s, ranking second in the world, and is expected to be ranked No. 2 in the world. In the third quarter, it surpassed Samsung again and became the semiconductor leader for the first time.

According to IC Insights statistics, Samsung Semiconductor's Q2 revenue was $22.623 billion, making it the world's largest semiconductor factory, while TSMC's revenue was only $18.164 billion, just surpassing Intel's $14.861 billion.

Due to the poor performance of the memory chip market and the departure of major Samsung customers such as Qualcomm and Nvidia, IC Insights expects Samsung's Q3 revenue to fall to US$18.29 billion, a decrease of 19% from the previous month.

IC Insights estimates that TSMC's 3 revenue is expected to exceed the $20 billion mark, reaching $20.2 billion, an increase of 11% from the second quarter, and surpassing Samsung for the first time in one fell swoop; while Intel's Q3 revenue is about $15.04 billion. The chain increased by about 1%, maintaining a third place in the world.

TSMC will be the world's third largest semiconductor factory in 2021, with annual revenue of $56.84 billion, about 31% lower than Samsung's $82.019 billion.

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