IC packaging and testing industry: SoC manufacturers are actively preparing Wi-Fi 7 products

IC packaging and testing supply chain industry frankly, at present, international WiFi SoC manufacturers are actively preparing Wi-Fi 7 products, and it is expected that Wi-Fi 7 products may be supported in the second half of 2024 at the earliest. -Fi 7 standard high-end mobile phones come out, but before that, routers will be upgraded first, followed by NB products.

In May of this year, Qualcomm said that Wi-Fi 7 chips have been shipped to customers, and terminal products are expected to be available before the end of this year and will be shipped in large quantities in 2023. Wi-Fi 7 penetration is expected to reach 10% in 2023-2024.

MediaTek also launched its first Wi-Fi 7 chips, using a 6nm process, offering a "combining Wi-Fi 7 with a powerful AP and NPU to support maximum Wi-Fi, Ethernet and packet processing performance" Comprehensive platform.

Intel has also demonstrated Wi-Fi 7 before, with a cross-vendor demonstration speed of more than 5Gbps, based on a Core laptop + Broadcom Wi-Fi 7 access point.

Wi-Fi 7 can bring higher speeds, lower latency, higher reliability, and greater capacity, including 320MHz channel bandwidth (double the speed), 4K QAM in unlicensed 6GHz spectrum Quadrature amplitude modulation (up to 20% faster), multi-link operation MLO (increased throughput, link robustness, roaming, interference mitigation, and reduced latency), and improved channel utilization through multiple resource units (MRUs) and puncturing.

The Wi-Fi 7 standard has not yet been finalized, and its product solution is only a semi-finished product solution based on the functions defined in the IEEE P802.11be draft amendment. Intel is said to plan to launch Wi-Fi 7-certified products in accordance with the Wi-Fi Alliance certification schedule (2023-2024 time frame).

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