Ice Universe is confident that the Samsung will soon lose its leadership in the foldable smartphone market

Ice Universe said that once Chinese brands enter the global foldable market, Samsung's market share will shrink significantly.

It will be the same as it was with the rapid decline in the market share of Samsung smartphones with support for 5G mobile networks. You do not believe me? Wait and see for yourself. - ice universe

An insider said that next year will be very interesting: “Oppo and Honor foldable phones will be available worldwide, Vivo and Xiaomi may also be available in the global market. Finally, consumers have more choices. Times are tough for Samsung."

He added that Samsung has not taken the market share lost by Huawei: "It shows that Samsung products are not that strong, Samsung is just holding its own market and consumers don't have a better choice."

The toughest times for Samsung will come when Apple releases a foldable model. In short, Samsung has few good days left. - ice universe

Ice Universe was one of the first to talk about smartphones with waterfall screens, the notch in the iPhone X, the new design of the iPhone 14, and Samsung's 200-megapixel image sensor.

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