India's iPhone production is expected to reach 12 million this year

At the end of last month, a source revealed that Apple’s iPhone 14, which will be launched this year, plans to start production in India two months after its first launch, a delay of 6-9 months compared to the previous one. will be greatly shortened.

The earlier production time of the iPhone 14 in India will also help increase the production of the iPhone in India this year and better meet the needs of the Indian market. The latest report also shows that analysts expect that after the launch of the iPhone 14, the number of iPhones produced in India this year is expected to reach 12 million.

Judging from relevant media reports, in addition to the fact that the iPhone 14 was put into production earlier than previous generations, Apple’s supply chain support is also an important factor in promoting the increase in iPhone production in India, ensuring that there are sufficient parts and components to enable mass production of iPhones in India.

However, even if Apple OEMs can produce 12 million iPhones in India this year, their proportion in the overall iPhone production will still not be very high. In recent years, Apple's iPhone shipments have exceeded 200 million units. Given the considerable sales of the iPhone 13, the upcoming release and launch of the iPhone 14 series will be ahead of schedule, which will effectively boost iPhone sales this year.

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