India's Tata Group intends to become Apple's iPhone foundry

India's leading domestic company Tata Group is in talks with Taiwanese supplier Wistron, hoping to establish a joint venture to assemble Apple's iPhone mobile phones in India. Apple, Tata Group, and Wistron have not commented so far. The talks with Wistron are aimed at making Tata a force in tech manufacturing, with the Indian corporate giant looking to tap Wistron's expertise in product development, supply chain, and assembly, the people said. If the deal goes through, Tata will become the first company in India to manufacture the iPhone.

Details such as the deal's structure and stake are said to have yet to be finalized, and talks are underway for a plan that could call for Tata to acquire a stake in Wistron's India business, or the two companies could build a new assembly plant. People familiar with the matter believe that they may also implement both measures at the same time.

The goal of the new joint venture is to eventually increase the number of iPhones assembled by up to five times what Wistron is currently assembling in India, the people said. The partnership could also give Mumbai-based Tata a slice of Wistron's manufacturing operations other than smartphones, the people said.

Tata Group (टाटा समूह) is the largest group company in India, including 96 companies in 7 departments, operating in more than 40 countries on six continents, and its products are exported to 140 countries, involving aviation, automotive, fast-moving consumer products, chemicals, defense and aerospace, power distribution systems, engineering, finance, medical care, information, railway locomotives, real estate, steel, communications, and other fields.

According to public information, the Tata Group is named after its founder Jamshidji Tata, whose family members have almost always served as the chairman of the group. The chairman of the group's transition period is Ratan Tata.

Wistron is one of the assemblers of Apple's iPhone SE and iPhone 6s smartphones. Later, Luxshare Precision announced to acquisition of part of Wistron's iPhone business for US$472 million, thus becoming Apple's first foundry in mainland China.

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