Innolux: TV panel prices are expected to stop falling in the fourth quarter

Yang Zhuxiang, general manager of Innolux, said yesterday that the supply and demand of TV panels have returned to a relatively healthy level recently, and it is expected that the price of large-size TV panels is expected to stop falling in the fourth quarter. Panel prices for the size have a chance to keep up.

Yang Zhuxiang emphasized that the global panel market generally maintains the previous view of the third quarter legal meeting, saying that the global economy is facing the impact of inflation, war, and other factors, and there are many variables, and the market supply and demand will be observed.

According to Yang Zhuxiang, the major panel factories have cut production by about the same amount, and the supply side has been significantly adjusted. It is hoped that orders will pick up in the first quarter of next year. Regarding the duration of the production reduction, he believes that after the overall economy stabilizes, the production reduction will be postponed for one to two quarters.

Talking about the trend of panel prices, Yang Zhuxiang said that from the perspective of the supply chain, from the most upstream semiconductors to the most downstream brand channels, if every link can be carried out in a healthier direction, the general environment will also stabilize, and there will be opportunities for panel prices. 

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