Intel Announces 12th Gen Intel Core SoC for IoT Edge

Intel announced the launch of the 12th generation Intel Core system-on-chip (SoC) for the edge of the Internet of Things. As a new family of purpose-built edge products optimized for IoT applications, this first-in-socket system-on-chip provides high-performance integrated graphics and media processing for visual computing workloads, Intel said.

According to reports, it can also help customers achieve smaller, innovative appearances and fanless cooling designs thanks to its compact space footprint and operating thermal design power (TDP) suitable for wide-temperature operation.

The 12th Gen Intel Core SoC for the IoT edge delivers up to 4x faster graphics compared to 12W/65W models in the 10th Gen Intel Core desktop processor family, and Up to 6.6x GPU image classification inference performance. It has a built-in Intel hardware thread scheduler (Intel Thread Director) that intelligently directs the operating system to assign the appropriate workload to the appropriate core. With up to 14 cores and 20 threads, the SoC delivers up to 1.32x better single-threaded performance and 1.27x faster multi-threaded performance than 10th Gen Intel Core desktop processors.

In addition, the 12th Gen Intel Core SoC for the IoT edge supports high-performance AI capabilities for inference and machine vision . Up to 96 EU graphics execution units enable high parallelization of AI workloads, while the processor also features Intel DL Boost, which provides AI acceleration built into the CPU Additional inference performance. The processor also fully supports Intel Distribution of OpenVINO (Intel Distribution of OpenVINO) toolkit optimization and cross-architecture inference.

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