Intel announces Ruixuan A310 desktop graphics card

Intel released the Ruixuan A770 limited edition desktop graphics card, which will be available on October 12. At the same time, Intel's official website also announced an entry-level graphics card Ruixuan A310.

This Ruixuan A310 adopts the Xe HPG architecture and is built with TSMC N6 process. It is equipped with 6 Xe cores, that is, 768 stream processors, which are basically the same specifications as the 96EU core display of the mobile platform.

In other respects, this graphics card has a GPU frequency of 2000MHz, a TBP power consumption of 75W, a PCI Express 4.0 x16 connection, and a video memory of 4GB 64bit GDDR6.

Intel has not yet announced the price of the Ruixuan A310. The Ruixuan A380 currently on sale is equipped with 8 Xe cores, equipped with 6GB 96bit GDDR6 video memory, and the price is around 1200 yuan.

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