Intel confirms that Ruixuan A770 and A750 desktop independent display will be released soon

Intel confirmed the upcoming release of the Ruixuan A770 and A750 independent graphics. In an interview with PC Games Hardware and Digital Foundry, Intel employees Tom Petersen and Ryan Shrout confirmed the news. Petersen confirmed that the flagship Ruixuan A770 desktop graphics performance will be between the GeForce RTX 3060 and RTX 3060 Ti GPUs, and will also be faster than the Radeon RX 6600XT. The Sharp Alchemist GPU will provide ray tracing performance similar to Nvidia's Ampere architecture.

Petersen also conceded that the Intel Sharp A-series alone "can't really make a huge difference in performance." The company can't change the cost of the GPU, but the company can control the price, and that's where the A-series competes in terms of performance. In addition, Ruixuan A770 will have two versions of 8GB and 16GB video memory, and the limited edition is only a 16GB version. Ruixuan A750 only has an 8GB video memory version.

For Resizable BAR support, Intel said that it is optimizing the driver for systems that lack this function, but Petersen said that if your hardware does not have Resizable BAR, you should use another brand of the graphics card, so the performance of Ruixian graphics card may drop by 40%. Tom Petersen has confirmed that the A770 and A750 limited edition graphics cards will be available in select regions, including Germany.

Intel also admitted that launching the Ruixuan A3 series in China first was not a good choice, and the company overestimated the willingness of some media to buy hardware all the way from China to test a graphics card. Petersen acknowledged that the delay was not the result of supply constraints, but a lack of preparation.

The Intel Ruixuan A770 and A750 desktop independent graphics are equipped with ACM-G10 GPUs, with 32/28 Xe cores respectively, and the pricing is expected to be similar to the Core i7-12700K and i5-12600K, respectively.

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