Intel execs refute rumors of abandoning Arc GPUs

Blogger Moore's Law is Dead released a big revelation last weekend, claiming that "Intel Arc is over", and the thumbnail of its video shows the Arc graphics card sinking like the Titanic. Today, Raja Koduri, executive vice president and general manager of Intel's Accelerated Computing Systems and Graphics (AXG) group, dispelled rumors that Intel will abandon the development of its Arc graphics cards.

Earlier today, Koduri used a photo from Intel's Toronto Validation Lab to promote the upcoming Arc A770 graphics card. Some netizens asked whether the Arc graphics card was abandoned, and got a fairly comprehensive answer from Koduri.

 Koduri said he doesn't know how and why the rumors started to circulate. He doesn't think the gossip is helpful to the PC graphics community, though he admits the first-generation Arc hit more hurdles than expected, "but we persevered."

Koduri didn't categorically deny that the development of the discrete Arc graphics card was halting, but likely didn't want to respond to these rumors with a direct rejection.

All indications are that Intel will soon announce the availability of its Arc A770, A750 and A580 desktop graphics cards, and price and performance will have a lot to do with how well Arc GPUs are likely to be accepted.

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