Intel executives said that the company can win back Apple as a customer

Despite the success of Apple's self-developed chips, Intel executives said that the company can win back Apple as a customer. Apple has largely dropped Intel chips from its Mac lineup. All but one of the Macs already use Apple's own chips. Although Apple may eventually switch to its own chips completely and abandon Intel products, the chip giant still believes that it has a chance to renew its lead with Apple.

Michelle Johnston Holthaus, executive vice president of Intel's client computing group, explained Intel's chip work at the Intel Innovation Conference on Tuesday, while also mentioning Apple.

Holthos insisted that Intel "will never give up on reconnecting with Apple. " It's unclear what else Holthos said on the topic at the time, other than that Intel "wanted high performance for everyone."

The comments are not the first time Intel executives have commented on the damage to the relationship between the two sides since Apple launched its self-developed chips.

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger has previously insisted that he won't give up hope and will still try to get Macs back to Intel processors, but that will require them to develop better chips.

"Apple thinks they can make better chips than us on their own," Kissinger said. "You know, they do really well. So we have to develop better products than Apple's own chips."

As Intel continues to develop foundry services, it is entirely possible for Apple to hand over part of its foundry business to Intel in addition to the existing foundry TSMC. There are reports that in late 2021, Intel has tried to win future chip production orders from Apple.

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