Intel i9-13900K packaging exposure

The media exposed the packaging of Intel's 13 Core flagship processor i9-13900K. Intel's flagship processors in recent years will use special packaging that is different from other models to demonstrate its distinguished status. Judging from the pictures, the i9-13900K still retains the plastic wafer as a decoration but seems to be the same size as the other models, which can reduce shipping costs.

Here is the 10th Gen Core to 12th Gen Core flagship model packaging:

Below is the packaging of the AMD Ryzen 7000 flagship model:

Intel's 13th-generation Core processors will be released in the early morning of September 28, Beijing time, and will be listed on October 20. The first listed models include i9, i7, and i5 K series models. The 13th-generation Core i9K model will be available for pre-sale in China after its release on September 28. After that, there seems to be a domestic launch event on October 13, when the i7K and i5K models will be available for pre-sale.

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