Intel Introduces Connectivity Suite 2.0 Technology

Intel recently held an international technology tour at its Israel factory to introduce the latest 13th generation Core processors and related technologies to foreign media.In terms of network technology, Intel introduced the latest Connectivity Suite 2.0, which will be launched with the 13th generation Core.

The version 1.0 of Intel Connectivity Suite supports the aggregation of wired Ethernet and wireless Wi-Fi connections into a wider data pipe. Now, Connectivity Suite version 2.0 adds support for cellular connectivity for the fastest wireless connection on a single PC .

The foreign media pointed out that this technology enables different applications to be placed on different connections to optimize the overall connection experience. Intel software also lets you select and optimize different workloads, such as directing Teams, Zoom, streaming, and other apps to the best connection individually. Also, in the event of a connection being dropped, the application will automatically jump to another connection.

Intel has announced that it has teamed up with Broadcom to achieve an important Wi-Fi 7 industry milestone, with a demonstration speed exceeding 5Gbps , based on a Core laptop + Broadcom Wi-Fi 7 access point. 

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